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EAA members are more than pilots — they are passionate aviation enthusiasts. They look up when they hear a plane passing overhead. They often think about flying when they are on the ground. And most importantly, they have a profound understanding and appreciation for the role that aviation has played in their lives and want to share their passion with others — especially the next generation.

When EAA members are ready to plan for their aviation legacy, they often choose to make a commitment to the EAA Aviation Foundation through their current giving or through an estate gift. Established in 1962, the foundation's sole purpose is to provide support to further the association's mission.

Start here by learning the different gift options available to you. We will work with you to find a charitable plan that lets you provide for your family and support EAA Aviation Foundation.

Take a look at the different options that you think may work best.

Retirement Plan Assets

Most popular ways to give this asset:

Life Insurance

Most popular ways to give this asset:

Real Estate

Most popular ways to give this asset:

Tangible Personal Property

Most popular ways to give this asset:

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To get started, consider how you want to plan your gift.

Meet Our Donors

Our generous donors share why making a planned gift is meaningful and important to them.

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First Wing

First Wing recognizes the generosity of participants in our planned giving program.

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